KISS SHOCKER: Ace Frehley’s Girlfriend Gets Restraining Order: “He Can Lick It Up!” – Breaking News


By James Witherspoon

Better hide your heart.  YA HEARD!  Former guitarist for KISS, Ace Frehley, is in some hot water when he found out that his estranged girlfriend did not want his love.  Rachael Gordon, his ex gal pal of 11 years, says that Frehley showed up with some goons, members of the KISS Army reportedly, and roughed her up.  Really?  Really?  Nice try fella.

Now I wasn’t there, but I never trusted Frehley, but he has always been honest, telling his women to hide their hearts and hold on tight, say your prayers because there’s trouble tonight…and domestic violence.

I caught up with my boy, Gene Simmons, and he the following to say:

“Firstly, you are the best member of the KISS Army in the world and best writer in the world.  Now, I’ve never been so humiliated with Ace pulling this bullshit.  He can lick it up!  He ran into a hard luck woman and paid the price.  Ace, what can I do.  Ace, what can I do? You fuck.  This isn’t the psycho circus you loser.  You’re out of the band!  I’m done with your bullshit. You’re the fuck that convinced me to write that song for that shitty Bill and Ted movie.  I don’t like how you look at my tongue either.  That’s for the fans, not you, you creep.  James, please put him on the blast.  He needs it.” 

You got it Demon.

(Note: Comments may not be those of Gene Simmons.)




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