Rocktober Blood (1984) – Heavy Metal Horror Review


By Geno McGahee

Horror movies and heavy metal have always had a connection and in the 1980s, the combination terrified a lot of parents. The inability for some adults to understand that horror and metal were art forms led to the parents’ groups forming and pushing for the banning of both and spawned some heavy metal horror films like TERROR ON TOUR, TRICK OR TREAT, BLACK ROSES and the 1984 “ROCKTOBER BLOOD.”

We begin with Billy (Tray Loren), the lead singer of a metal band, singing his new tune as the beginning credits are shown. It was an amazing song, but Billy wasn’t such a nice guy. After he nailed that song, he came out and was approached by Lynn (Donna Scoggins) and he made it clear that he didn’t take their relationship too seriously. She is devastated, but at least he wrote a song for her. Lynn’s song “Rainbow Eyes” was awesome. It’s no wonder why they played it so much in the film.

The dark nature of Billy is displayed shortly after as he kills several people and then maniacally laughs as he brags about it to Lynn. I liked how over the top Loren played the role. I was immediately amused.

Billy is arrested and executed and the nightmare is over. Two years after the execution the band reunites, but the reunion brings back Billy…from the grave! He torments Lynn, but the rest of the band believes that she is hallucinating. After all, he died. He was executed.

Lynn is convinced that Billy has come back from the dead and even digging up the grave and seeing the body convinces her otherwise. When dead bodies start turning up again, the mystery thickens, leading to a fantastic conclusion…not as good as TERROR ON TOUR, but it is awesome.

The movie ends with a final performance and Billy saved his best for last. ROCKTOBER BLOOD is a very fun movie. It is predictable and unbelievable at times, but if you are a fan of horror and metal, you will love this. I highly recommend it.

Rating: 7/10 – I have Rainbow Eyes

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