A Gift From Bob (2021) – Now On Demand, Digital & DVD – Holiday Movie Review


By Geno McGahee

Lionsgate just released the holiday film “A GIFT FROM TOM”, featuring a cat named “Bob” and his adventures with James Bowen (Luke Treadaway).  It is available On Demand, DVD and Digital and it is a decent film about a man that fights the weather and animal welfare to make it on the streets.

When an animal welfare officer discovers that Bob is living on the streets with James, they become determined to take the cat away.   That is the story here.  This is a fight to keep Bob and to also attempt to solve the homelessness situation that they are in.  The locals rally around James to try to keep the duo together and stop Bob from being taken away by the state.

A GIFT FROM TOM does a good job showing the plight of homelessness, especially as an animal owner.  The performances are solid and it’s shot very well.  It’s interesting and the focus of the film is driven home for the viewer in a good way.  I recommend it!

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